Customer Life Time Value

“What gets measured gets managed”                                    –   Peter Drucker                                                  

The real assets of any organization are their customers. But the real value of the customers in monetary terms always takes a back seat in any decision making process. The customer entry into the system and customer loyalty are the key factors in terms pricing, offering and engagement. The retention factors play an important role in upselling and cross selling for multiproduct organisations. The factors that play a role in conversion and retention are the primary parameters that an organisations should focus on enriching the core.

The customer life time value captures all of the retention, conversion, and attrition factors and builds a financial model to value the customer. This helps in increasing revenue by simply identifying opportunities for upselling and cross selling. This tool will help in identifying the most profitable segment within the micro segmenting and device plans to target those segments. By creating flexible loyalty management programs using the inputs from the customer life time value we could strengthen the attrition factors and retain customers for a longer period comparatively.

We help in building a model which will microsegment your customer base the lowest denominator and value your customer better than the current systems.

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