Data – Product centric or Customer centric

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer”                             –   Peter Drucker

Are we a car manufacturing company or a lifestyle company that makes automobiles? What concealed also holds highest degree of precision and style, this may be the unique selling points for lot of luxury brands. Unfortunately quality and appealing to senses of offering does not only belong to luxury brands but also for all products and services.

Organizations have increasingly realized the importance to own every customer touch points related to the products and services they offer. The whole cycle throws data which perfectly capture every aspect of customer attributes that lead to the buy. But only if the data is customer centric it can throw any meaningful insight about the customer and his relation to the product the company sells.

Typically companies have data revolving around production, distribution and finance. ERP’s can handle only transactional data. Owning every touch points also becomes meaningless if they can’t capture data in a continual basis. What matters to customers in terms of appealing to their senses or enriching their lives is more important than all the transaction the organizations make.

Analytics helps organizations outsmart their customers by getting deeper customer insights and build products satiate the senses. Customer insights are the key to unlock the hidden potential of businesses. We not only analyze and bring out the insights but help in strengthen the factors.

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