About TorQEYE

Decision making is an all-day exercise in today’s business environment which can make or break any organization. Available competitor information along with reduced product life cycles has eliminated the luxury of intuition based decision making. Both on time data and real time insights are the key to business sustainability and industry leadership.

With TorQEYE Analytics we provide:
1. Real time analytical dashboard with interactive charts
2. Data management
3. Remote process management

We have produced an interactive dashboard that presents standard and custom made charts tailored for your business needs. The charts will provide you with real time data that helps not just track but derive meaningful insights. We also help make custom charts that reflect the uniqueness of your business needs ranging from retail analytics, HR analytics, and inventory analytics. 

Armed with more than a decade of big data and analytics experience, we will help your business by building suitable data mining models combined with algorithms to reveal hidden insights. Our predictive analytics will help you reduce cost, optimize spending, and reduce risk to attain a higher ROI.

Data managing and data processing is as challenging and meaningful as collecting data. Our cloud infrastructure will help you store and retrieve data seamlessly.