Our deliberate approach combined with recorded customer insights and organizational knowledge is transformed into useful data. Together with validated data, unique formed algorithms, along with real-time conditions and meaningful constraints, deep insights are captured and turned into expertise that allows our customers to face current challenges and become future leaders in their respective industries.

 Data Transformation

We help format (database and files) and transform them into actionable sets of data points based on the analytical requirement. The transformation takes place on a “BI Tool” which helps any kind of data manipulation. It also hosts visual services like interactive dashboards and real time sequence charts.


Analysis and data visuals help turn complex business scenarios into simple presentations that are easy to understand. Multiple parameters can be fused into a single interactive chart which helps the user compare different sets of data.

Customer Life Time 


Captures the business value of a customer in the entire sales process of any company. Customer life value plays a pivotal role in steering various marketing efforts through customer life cycle. This helps with allocating marketing budgets and will help calculate profitable customer segments to help increase sales.



The customers are segmented into multiple factors which have direct influence on buying behavior. It helps determine the actual buying behaviors and its percentage influences. The socio-economic factors like economic mobility are all taken into account and the target customers are so precise that organizations just need to help customers buy products rather than push sales.

Campaign Management

Campaign management

Focusing on specific data such as target sales helps increases up-selling and cross selling maximizations. Tracking optimization spending in terms of sales per customer and high returns in terms of revenue per customer. Interactive marketing use customer data to drive communications, develop promotions and deliver superior customer experience.

HR Solutions

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Organizations which hire people who resonate with their company culture were far more successful than the organizations that hire on just competency mapping. We have created a score card that includes expertise, cultural, socio-economic factors, and personal attribute characteristics that can help determine the compatibility within an organization’s culture.

Job Hygiene Management

Productivity always will be lower in an unhealthy work environment. Employees who in general are not very happy about things around might passively contribute to negative hygiene factors. Once factors are determined they can be mitigated and make the overall environment better. That not only increases productivity but also the output will be of higher standard. Predictive analytics again helps us in mapping all the factors and devise management methods to it.

Attrition Management

Ascertaining factors that influence attrition overall and specific to task types will help us identifying grey areas in organizations that influence employee displeasure. Predictive analytics helps us benchmark and analyze factors mathematically and as a result helps in lowering attrition and improving employee satisfaction.

Inventory Solutions

Systems that tracks how well each location of a store is doing. Retailers with thousands of locations can manage each store’s inventory while tracking which store locations are performing the best and can specifically identify the products consumers most like, ultimately allowing for higher profit margins.

Vendor Management

Vendors are tough to manage especially when they are spread across large geographies. Vendor attrition is a major issue which impacts business on delivery. Vendor performance is another pain point for supplier based organizations. We build mathematical models which predicts vendor attrition and helps minimize vendor attrition and vendor management. Factors ranging from vendor profitability to vendor socio economic factors are analyzed to bring in desired results. This enables organizations to optimally develop, manage, and control vendor contracts, relationships, and performance. Ultimately helping clients meet business objectives.

Supply Chain Optimisation – Transportation and Benchmarking

Optimizing the time and cost of a repetitive process and also seasonal processes. We break down clusters and build efficiency parameters to benchmark with each other. We include features such as reverse logistics and returns logistic optimization. Using multiple algorithms helps us build the most efficient supply chain system. Benchmarking also will be extended to production facilities to improve productive processes.