Dashboard is the unique foundation that integrates your data so you can easily analyze, manage, and visualize in a lively way which help decision making seamlessly easy. Our advanced technology will update your customized data and create a real time data visual.

You absolutely don’t require any technical skills to build and visualize the interactive dashboard. With more interactive visuals reporting and analyzing is made easier. Slice and dice your data and gather information with filter and drill down techniques.

Manage your Data

Gain rich insights using our easily embeddable Dashboard to increase your productivity and manage your information. Options in TorQEYE like “My Store” will let you store data and customize them. Administer your user accounts to maintain privacy and safeguard your data.

Business users can get quick answers to their questions through self-service reports and dashboard analysis. Features such as customizable charts make managing data simple and enjoyable.

Process Data


Access, discover, and blend all types and sizes of data on a tablet or any mobile device to manage data no matter where you are. You can narrow down the data with “Custom Filters” a configuration that can execute complex queries which gives you the cutting edge on reporting. This high level data customization will be handy while managing big data and extracting reports along with gaining insights on selective parameters.

Extend your visibility across your enterprise with TorQEYE and integrate data directly from external resources. Upload your data from any kind of database where tons of data is processed swiftly.

Analyze with Data Visualization

TorQEYE provides broad capabilities and great flexibility in choosing your charts to build your dashboard. Further customize with drag and drop options to upload your data. Optimize your visualization using custom filters in your dashboard. Print-ready and interactive reports can be stored in the dashboard allowing for later viewing.